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Marco Patriots’ Journey to Kentucky to Help Those in Need




On Monday, we showed you the Marco Patriots packing up their supplies and leaving Marco Island for Kentucky. There, 74 were killed, and 100 people are unaccounted for after tornadoes ripped through the western part of the state.

Now, WINK News shows you how that group’s mission is coming along.

Marty Clauson is a man of his word. He, like many others, saw the devastation in Kentucky. So, he felt he had to help. He wanted WINK News to let people know he was coming. 27 hours later, Marty arrived.

“I’m in Benton, Kentucky. Hi Abby! I’m Marty Clauson. This is Sydney from WINK News in Naples,” Clauson said.

With blankets and pillows jammed tightly into his truck, Clauson made a 14-hour drive all by himself. But, he knew he wouldn’t be alone very long after he arrived.

“We can take you for a quick tour, sure. Can you lead us around?” Clauson said.

Abby Giffy works for the school district in Benton. This is her hometown. Much like Marty, she took it upon herself to help.

Giffy is in charge of the donation drive, including things like pet food, paper products, strollers, tarps, and warm clothing. “If they need something, and we don’t have it, we make a note of it…and we get it,” said Giffy.

“This is amazing. And this is just part of it, Sydney. This is just part of it. There are things coming in from everywhere,” said Clauson.

WINK News asked Giffy what it’s like to have someone from Marco Island, Florida, and her new friend, by her side through this? “You know…it just shows you know…sometimes we think this world is evil…but it is amazing,” she said.

And, it is amazing that in the middle of all this rubble, love and purpose can be shared by strangers. And that they can find a reason to smile.

The remaining Marco Patriots have since arrived in Kentucky safely. When they were in Surfside, they told WINK News they meet people like Abby everywhere they go and how special it is.

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