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An early-season tornado outbreak impacted the Southeastern United States on January 12, 2023, the result of a mid-level trough moving through, with moisture and the presence of a strong low-level jet aiding in the development of multiple severe thunderstorms. A strong EF2 tornado caused considerable damage in Winston County, Alabama, while another EF2 tornado struck Greensboro. A destructive high-end EF2 tornado struck Selma, causing widespread damage. The same storm produced a long-lived tornado of EF3 strength that moved through Old Kingston, Marbury, and Titus, resulting in seven fatalities and several injuries in Autauga County alone. Another EF2 tornado from the storm struck Five Points, Stroud, and Standing Rock before crossing into Georgia. After the dissipation of that tornado, seven more tornadoes, four of which were strong, caused heavy damage across west-central Georgia, especially in LaGrange, Griffin, and Experiment, the latter two of which were struck by an EF3 tornado. Another EF2 tornado from the storm caused major damage and another fatality in the Jackson Lake area as well; an indirect death from the tornado also occurred the following day. 

Response: Selma

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