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Beginning December 28th, 2019 the island of Puerto Rico was affected by a series of hundreds of small earthquakes, which culminated in a powerful 6.4 magnitude earthquake on the morning of Tuesday, January 7th, 2020 . The Tuesday Earthquake caused widespread damage to infrastructure in a region that is still recovering from the effects of 2017’s Hurricane Maria, leaving more than 2,000 people in shelters, nearly 1 million without power and hundreds of thousands without water as of Thursday January 9th. 

“It is our hope to once again be a resource of support and help to the families in need,” Rabbi Mendel Zarchi, co-director with his wife, Rachel, of Chabad of Puerto Rico, based in San Juan on the northern or Atlantic Coast, said in a statement accompanying an appeal for support for the victims. “This morning, we are driving to the south to assess the damage impact for ourselves, so we can know where we can best channel our resources and efforts.

“Thank you to our friends who have reached out during the past 24 hours with concern and eager to be of help,” 

Rabbi Mendel Sarchi

Response: Guayanilla, Chabad Jewish Center Puerto Rico

*Images Courtesy of Rabbi Mendel and Rachel Sarchi 

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