Earthquakes in Puerto Rico

"Over the last five years, Puerto Rico has been roiled by a series of crises. A bankrupt economy, a government beleaguered by failed leadership and a hurricane that decimated the island."
~The McGraw Center for Business Journalism
Now this.

What we know: (January 8th, 2020)
- Our American brothers and sisters in Puerto Rico have experienced more than 1200 earthquakes since Dec 28th.
- 5,900 people are in shelters (others sleep outside their homes in fear of being hurt or dying during another strong quake)
- Homes, churches, schools and iconic landscapes have crumbled.
- 20% of residents face life without power for up to a year. That means no water and real challenges for electricity-dependent people.
- Preliminary damage estimates are at $110M and rising.

Your Dollars in Action

Thanks to our supporters and their generous donations, we were able to send funding to Chabad Puerto Rico to assist the people directly with immediate needs.
Thank you Rabbi Mendel & Rachel Sarchi for caring for humanity.
Visit them online: