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Our Programs


Disaster Response 

When disaster strikes, it takes a village, as they say, to make communities whole again. Everything is needed and FAST. Supplies, food and funding as well as strong arms to help our fellow Americans near and far. 

If you'd like to volunteer for disaster response teams and are willing to travel, please click the link below. 

Beach and Waterways Clean Up Teams

In Southwest Florida, our beaches and waterways mean everything to us. They provide beauty, relaxation and water-travel. They provide a home for sea life and are one of the main reasons so many people love to both live and vacation here. Our oceans also support our vibrant fishing industry. It's imperative that we keep them clean and free of trash. 

Clean, healthy beaches and waterways are a win-win for everyone.

If you'd like to volunteer for our next beach clean-up, please click the link below. 

 Food and Supplies Drives

When disaster strikes, food and supplies are needed immediately and in large quantity. Oftentimes, whole towns and sometimes counties are left without electricity which means no refrigeration and no open stores. Marco Patriots work with industrial wholesale food distributors to purchase items in bulk to be delivered to affected areas but there is always need for more.  If you'd like to volunteer to participate in a local food and supplies drive, please click the link below. 

Mobile Feeding Stations

When you've just survived a major storm and have no electricity and possibly no home, a hot meal can mean everything. Not only does it fill up hungry bellies, but feeding stations bring communities together to share stories and needs. Without electricity, internet or phone service, oftentimes, feeding stations can the best place to find resources. If you'd like to volunteer to be part of our mobile meals team, please click the link below. 

Holiday Gift Cards and Toy Drives

The holidays are so much fun with family and friends but not everyone can manage the expense of big meals and gifts. Marco Patriots partner with Our Daily Bread Food Pantry to ensure that every local family in need gets a gift card to prepare a holiday meal in the manner in which they're accustomed and every child receives a gift on Christmas. If you'd like to participate in our Holiday Gift Cards and Toy Drives team, please click the link below.

Storm Preparation - Construction Team

In the wake of a major storm, many people find themselves unprepared or unable to protect their home and family. Marco Patriots assist people local to Collier County with boarding up windows and doors and making sure they're in the safest space possible. 

If you'd like to volunteer to become part of our Storm-Prep Team, please click the link below. 

Intel & Logistics Teams

Disasters cause all kinds of problems beyond putting people in grave danger and the destruction of buildings. Communication becomes incredibly difficult if not impossible for locals so they often depend on outsiders to communicate for them. Together with other disaster response non-profits, Marco Patriots assist with logistics and intel provided by trained volunteers. If you'd like to volunteer to become part of our intel and logistics teams, please click the link below.

Meal Packing Events

Marco Patriots participate annually in meal packing events held locally on Marco Island. We care very much about children and families so making sure that they have access to healthy, nutritious meals is a big priority. If you'd like to volunteer to participate in the next meal packing event, please click on the link below.


Marco Patriots are currently seeking sponsorships in the following categories: 

• Disaster Response Fuel (Diesel & Gasoline)

• Local Storage 

• Food & Supplies

• ´Events 

• Local Ice & Water During Disaster 

• Disaster Response Apparel & Tactical Gear

If you're interested in sponsorships please click the link below.

Parade Committee 

Marco Patriots participate in both the Christmas and St Patrick's Day Parades. We believe in our community and love to be apart of its festivities. If you'd like to volunteer on the float decorating committee or walk with us, please click the link below. 

Fundraising & Event Planning 

Marco Patriots produce monthly 'Happy Hour FUNraisers' to help fund our missions. We're always looking for new volunteers to help obtain raffle and silent auction items as well as assist in event planning. This year, we're hoping to produce a large-scale major event fundraiser.  If you'd like to participate in event planning or fundraising, please click the link below. 

School Supplies Drive 

Heading back to school is exciting for all the kids but not all of our local families can swing the expense of all the school supplies necessary. We want every child to return to school with pride and all the things they need for a successful school year so helping to fill their needs is a high priority. If you'd like to participate in the School Supplies Drive Planning Committee, please click the link below. 

Cape Cod Canal Clean Up

Marco Patriots aren't just caring for the environment in Southwest Florida, we also participate in efforts in the Northeast. Namely the annual Cape Cod Canal Cleanup in conjunction with the Army Corps of Engineers. This effort is led by our Massachusetts Patriots and co-founder, Mark Melican. If you'd like to volunteer for this effort, please click the link below. 

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The Delta Project

While deployed to Hurricane Delta, our rescue teams discovered a newborn puppy in the wreckage. Lucky for us, one of our SAR experts is also a canine expert. Unlucky for us, we tried everything we could, but unfortunately, she didn't make it.

Clearly, we needed to create a program for rescued animals to get them immediate medical care and thus, the Delta Project was born. Our SAR teams now deploy with veterinary care kits onboard called 'Delta Packs'.

The Delta Project is a separate fund exclusively for animals rescued during disasters used to get them immediate (or as soon as humanly possible in a disaster situation) medical care.