Puerto Rico Relief Efforts

When people are hurting after disasters, it is always an honor to share the love of our community with them. The people of Puerto Rico face real challenges as they try to move forward and rebuild. Everything we can do to help is greatly appreciated. I thank Rabbi Mendel and Rachel Sarchi along with every donor and volunteer helping to give a hand up to our brothers and sisters in Puerto Rico. Good Shabbos Rabbi, to you, your beautiful family and congregation. Thank you for having so much love in your hearts.

Facebook post from Rabbi MEndel Sarchi - Chabad Lubavich, Puerto Rico

Chabad Puerto Rico Relief Update #3 Dear Friend, I had the great opportunity to meet up with two special individuals who are part of the emergency response team from New York State who are here in Puerto Rico to inspect hundreds of homes, school buildings and other facilities, in order to ensure their safety for the residents in the southern part of Puerto Rico. As it turns out many of these homes are compromised and as such the families cannot return to their homes. An example of one such inspection of a compromised home see the pictures below:

  1. This is a family home with structural cracks that have compromised the safety of the home, and as such the occupants have joined the many in what are now clusters of randomly placed tents on sidewalks, main through-fares and for those living on higher mountain terrain, they pitch their tents adjacent to their homes.With compassion and in support of these less fortunate residents we recently under took a number of missions through our adopted organization PR 4 PR to help these families with supplies, tents first aid and other necessities to relieve some of the pain and anxiety experienced by so many of these people and provide services as many are now also out of jobs as businesses have closed and a big swath of their economy has taken a great loss.We thank one special organization who has j