Project Bahamas Rebuild

The Bahamas were hit with one of the most devastating hurricanes in history. With category 5 strength winds and 22-foot water surges, thousands of people lost their homes and sadly, many their lives. Grand Bahama needs our help. Sunshine Ace Hardware of Marco Island in partnership with Marco Patriots have put together a list of immediate needs to assist the Bahamian people to rebuild their homes and take one more step toward normalcy. As we approach the holiday season, let's remember the reason for the season and give generously. Please find that list here: Marco Island Sunshine Ace Hardware has committed to donating 10% of sales back to Marco Patriots for their Hurricane Dorian Bahamas fund. Thank you. *This effort will be in effect until December 2nd. We are limited to this date based on the exigency orders granted by the Bahamian government and our agreement for complimentary freight. Please don't wait. You can stop into the store or call in your order (239) 642-7444 Visit our website and click on the #ProjectBahamasRebuild tab.

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