Hurricane Dorian Update: Florida

08.29.19 10am #HurricaneDorian Two schools of thought for approaching Hurricane Dorian at this time. The European model sees the storm making landfall on the central Florida coastline, passing over the state and exiting into the Gulf before heading north toward the Florida panhandle and other southern coastal states. Other models see Dorian making a turn northward and affecting central/northern Florida and heading into Georgia. Intensity is currently forecast at Cat 4, however as the storm passes over the warm Atlantic waters that could increase. Landfall approx 2am Monday. The entire state of Florida remains in the cone and things can change quickly. Remain vigilant and prepared. We often refer to Hurricanes as a wind event or a water event. With major rainfall expected, this storm is BOTH wind & water. King tides will factor into surge heights. Again, the NE quadrant of hurricanes are the "dirty side" and the SW side are the "soft side". If you or a loved one is electricity dependent and in the Central Florida area, plans should be made immediately to relocate or arrange a generator and fuel. Download weather, storm and safety apps online:

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